• Withdrawals Pass During Rapid Opiate Detox Under Sedation.

    Cold turkey withdrawals last approximately 14 days after stopping the use of opiates. Most patients cannot tolerate the withdrawals and go back to using their opiate of choice shortly after the start of the withdrawals. The pain experienced due to the withdrawals is why patients are unable to stop using opiates. The opiate detox treatment that we offer at our rapid detox center will bypass these withdrawals over a period of hours while the patient is sedated. During the sedation period, the pain of the withdrawals is not felt, making the transition to Naltrexone therapy easier. Naltrexone reduces cravings and blocks opiates from getting back into the brain opiate receptors, resulting in higher success rates, with continued Naltrexone maintenance therapy.

  • Quick Recovery Following Rapid Detoxification of Opiates

    Patients who are addicted to using opiates are people like most of us who work and have families. They live and function to their best but are overburdened by the use of opiates to stay normal. Conventional rehab facilities take days if not weeks to treat opioid-dependent patients. Traditional rehabilitation programs take the patient away from work, family, and home for long periods of time. At our All Opiates Detox facility, it takes three days to complete the rapid detoxification. Patients recover faster and are back to work within days after the detox treatment.