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The opiate detox treatment is safely performed in our state-of-the-art medical/surgical facility in Wyandotte, Michigan. All Opiates Detox is the nation’s only rapid drug detox facility with Board-Certified Medical Doctors, who have over 25 years combined experience in the field of opiate addiction.

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I’ve been using what I thought were 30mg Oxy but, was Fentanyl.

I didn’t know but I’ve never even taken a pain pill until a year & a half ago. People have triggers. I enjoyed the hit. At my highest I was taken 25 a day. I knew that was an issue so I stopped. Cold turkey. Spent 2 weeks in my room in the dark with water & jerky. Went well for 6 months then relapsed on a single pill. Being sober so long I thought what would one do? Boy was that stupid.  One turned to 10 a day.  Finally the last couple months I’ve got to the point where every time I do one I break down with quilt, hatred, depression just felt bad and sad because I couldn’t stop. I was no longer using for the hit. I used to go about my day. Full time dad with full time work. Finally on 7/12/19 I had done 2 before heading out & I just broke down! I couldn’t do this anymore. Enough was enough. I got online and looked up everyplace I could find with real reviews other than suboxone, subutex, subsolvs. I used those several times. They suck.

I heard of Naltrexone on some random google review so I looked it up more & found AllOpiateDetox.com I went online watched & read reviews because honestly I thought it was BS. But, I gave it a shot because it’s all I had left. I called and spoke to Ann on 7/14/19 She is the sweetest woman in the world. I passed the assessment. Then it got real! This was my yes or no decision to make a better step for me and my kids. Hell yeah I’m in no matter the cost! Unfortunately it is a bit expensive but so is your habit and losing your life and family. What would you rather spend it on? My point exactly. The treatment you sought after. I spoke on the 14th I flew out 2 days later 16th of July 2019. I was picked up from the airport by Harry. The coolest man ever. Man I wish I could just get back in the car and talk and hang out. He takes you to the hotel to check in and then the Dr’s office.

Took a urine test answered questions got prepped. Then rode back to the hotel. Jimmy the EMT paramedic on Dr. George’s staff is who picked me up Wednesday morning for the treatment. Coolest guy ever also. Loves what he does and you can tell! Anyway we get to the office by 7am I’m already in slight withdrawal which is best I promise. Makes the process much faster and easier. So they get ya set up on a bed. IV started and then slowly gives meds and explains everything one by one. Next thing I know I’m tripping balls hallucinating, severe muscle cramps; sweats, chills I was awake but, I never felt a single bit of it. I don’t even remember much of it accept some of the hallucinations and for that I’m sorry for my actions to the staff. Know I love you all (lol) but, I never once felt a single thing pain or withdrawal wise. It was super fast and simple.

Once you come back around they take you to the hotel with a caregiver or if you bring someone with you then they’ll be at the hotel to care for you for 3 days. I slept from the second I got there until Friday 7/19/19 when I flew home. Even after the procedure and being at the hotel you may have some minimal and I mean minimal flashes. That’s all I had. Maybe a tiny anxiety but guess what!? Dr. George has your back on that and gives you a list of non addicting meds to help. I barely even needed any. I just felt groggy. That’s really it.

Today is Saturday 7/20/19 I woke up ate breakfast. Took my kid out to play and swim. Had a blast today and I haven’t even had one single urge to use or withdrawal. I also have about 500 of them little blue babies in the safe and haven’t cared one single bit about em. It’s so awesome. I haven’t even smoked my vape! I vape nonstop daily! You guys just listen to this. Call Ann. Book your trip. Get the implant! It’s a miracle! I owe my life to that whole entire staff and it’s been less then 4 days since my procedure and slightly tired as I am I feel amazing! I feel normal again. I feel like life is coming back. Every day will be better and better remember that but with this procedure. You won’t even need to worry about the day by day. It’s better immediately!

Before Treatment
Alright. I haven’t recorded a video in a while. It’s February 20th back in 2018. So, I almost had two years clean. And I quit taking the ADHAD medicine that was, I personally feel like that was keeping me clean.

I quit taking it for the fact of I had to go through all these hoops and shit to stay on it, but it was costing too much money. But, I don’t know how I did it and I have fear of doing this. I fucking relapsed and for the past two months, almost two months, I’ve been doing heroin again.

I’ve never felt so low. Such like a loser. My house is flooded right now. Everything’s to shit. And … I had my Facebook page thing that I helped a lot of people. So, I’ve told my parents. I don’t know. I think I’m gonna film this detox, though. And I need to start it, so … I don’t know. I guess I was just recording this video. Just to document. But, this is me looking fucking shitty. I look horrible.

After Treatment
I had the procedure on Tuesday, it’s Saturday. I feel like I’m getting my life back again. There no words that can describe what it feels like to get your life back and just feel good. Like in my face I feel good, just it’s worth it guys, it’s worth it. Every single thing, just to come back, to feel life again.

At Christmas 2017, our daughter Lindsey, 33, was staring down a dark, hopeless, deadly hole of continuing addiction. She had tried to stop the madness of addiction so many times, and in so many ways – always with short-lived results that dashed all of our hopes again and again for the last 18 years.
She had just detoxed from alcohol, and because she had been on 130 mgs of methadone for a year and a half, she was denied admission to inpatient rehab programs. She was desperate to get off of the methadone. We knew that tapering off would take months, and besides, was rarely successful because of the terrible ongoing withdrawal side effects. A friend had told us about Rapid Opiate Detox, and Lindsey found the Michigan Addiction Center and Dr. George on an internet search. We live in the Chicagoland area, so it would be a 5 hour drive for us; and it was a costly financial investment. But after reading about the procedure and talking to Dr. George and his staff, we knew we had to do this for our daughter. It was really a last-ditch hope for us all.

The procedure was performed on January 30, and it was a gritty, uncomfortable 24 hours. This is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not for the vacillating or ambivalent. Lindsey was doggedly determined to be whole and healed – and was willing to undergo a short period of discomfort for a lifetime of freedom from the chains of addiction. Dr. George’s kind and attentive staff provided reassurance and non-addictive medications to ease the symptoms that lasted for the next few days or so. Dr. George was personally available by phone whenever Lindsey or I needed to talk to him; and he made several follow-up calls to check on her progress.
Lindsey had the naltrexone pellet implanted during the procedure, and that has been a miraculous part of the whole procedure. For 2 months she has had virtually no cravings for drugs, alcohol, or sweets. She has lost 30 pounds and is amazed at how healthy and wonderful she feels! Her father and I can’t believe how clear-headed, responsible and active she is. We are so grateful for how far she has come in such a short amount of time – and how she has the energy and the initiative for all of the good things she is building into her new life. She will continue on the Naltrexone for the remainder of the year.

Two weeks after the procedure, she served her 5 days of court-ordered SWAP – shoveling snow for 8 hours a day! One month after the procedure, she got a server job at a restaurant and is working 6 days per week making wonderful money that she is proudly putting in the bank – not up her nose. She attends 2 recovery meetings a week, and is undergoing one-on-one counseling. She did not need to go to inpatient rehab because the Naltrexone implant let her trust herself enough to get a jump start on her new life.

We truly believe that the Rapid Opiate Detox, the Naltrexone implant, and Dr. George saved Lindsey’s life. The daughter that we knew and deeply loved, but who was buried deep under the addictions, has come forth, and she is beautiful, determined, and hopeful. If you are reading this and trying to save your own life, or your child’s life, I pray that you will take this amazing opportunity and will have the same wonderful results that our daughter has had.

We praise God and thank Dr. George!

Karen Rock,
Chicago, Illinois

My name is Lindsey Bennett and I will be forever grateful to Dr. George and his staff! I was in a truly hopeless state when I contacted his office. I had been usingdrugs and alcohol off and on for close to 15 years. I started on a methadone maintenance program and after about a year I thought I would be doomed to be on it for the rest of my life. I had no idea a brand new beautiful life was right around the corner.

Dr. George immediately returned my call and very clearly explained what the rapid opiate detox consisted of and what I could expect. I was very nervous and scared but he assured me I would be in good hands.

When I arrived at his office I was treated with kindness, respect, and love. Everything was explained in great detail and I was quickly at ease.

My procedure was done on January 30th of 2018. Since that day my life has changed in such unimaginable ways.

I had lost custody of my two beautiful daughters near the end of December, but as of about a month ago, they have been returned to me. I have an amazing full-time job which I love, I bought a new car, I have a brand new outlook on life which is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. For the first time in 15 years I feel like my true self. Dr. George and his staff gave me the new start that I so desperately needed and wanted for so long. I now attend 12 step meetings, work the steps, and have an amazing support system to help me continue this journey that will last a lifetime. I thank God daily for meeting Dr. George and pray for him and his staff that they may continue to help save lives just as they did mine.

I did choose to receive the naltrexone implant and would very highly recommend that to all patients considering this procedure. After a month of that Dr. George prescribed to me, and still does prescribe the naltrexone pill which I take on a daily basis. This is truly an amazing drug. I have zero cravings for opiates, alcohol, and even sugar/junk food :) I have lost 35 lbs and have never felt more healthy, active, and happy.

Thank you Dr. George for giving me my life back.

Lindsey Bennet

Dr. George is the most humble, personal, caring Dr. I’ve ever dealt with…..ever. the staff is just as intimate and caring . Tonya, Jim and the others I can’t remember. Very satisfied, that is exactly what I wanted was a painless , fast detox, and I got exactly that at a reasonable price. If I need help getting off an opiate this is the only place!

My name is Dylan and I was hooked on opioids. Honestly I didn’t think anything could get me through the withdrawals but, after I woke up from the short anesthesia my withdrawals were completely gone. And with the naltrexone in me I didn’t really think it would work so, I tried using again and couldn’t get high at all and I was just sick the next day. (Made me never want to touch the drug again) literally a miracle thank you sincerely Dr. George!

At age 63 I was addicted to opioids since age of 13 yrs of age, and Dr. George delivered me from my addiction. Yes, it was not easy due to my fear of going through the withdrawal process but, the pain I was expecting very minimal to nonexistent.

I thank God for putting Dr. George in my path.

After being in an accident, I was prescribed pain medication over the last 15 years. I was tired of being a prisoner to a pill, so I made the choice to change my life. Dr. George and his staff couldn’t have been more compassionate and non judgemental.

I highly recommend Michigan Addiction Center and the Rapid Detox method to anyone who wants their life back. I had the procedure done on a Tuesday and was back to work on Friday. I contacted Dr George 4 or 5 times with questions after I got home, and he responded very quickly every time. He truly cares about each patients recovery and well being. Going to Michigan Addiction Center was the best decision I’ve ever made. If you make the same decision you will be very glad you did.

John, New Jersey

I battled addiction for a long time. Tried everything and thought I found my answer in Kratom. Started 2 years ago to get free of Suboxone. At first I thought I was cured of addiction and believed Kratom wasn’t a big deal. That was just the addict in me. By the end of the 2 years I was mixing 13grams of Kratom every four to 5 hours just to feel normal and not sick. Had to wake up to Kratom and go to bed with Kratom. Cold sweats, restless legs the whole works if I didn’t take them. I honestly thought Suboxone was going to be my only option because I couldn’t be sick at work and loss my job while quitting Kratom and the availability of Kratom and cheapness made tapering off to long of a battle for a addict like me. That is when I reached out to Dr. Joseph George.

I was worried no matter where I went, no one would know enough about Kratom to treat me. Day one of withdrawals, I call Dr. George’s office because I seen that he also used the nss-2 bridge device. He penciled me in that day. When I arrived to his office I was inching toward full on withdrawal symptoms. He was very knowledgeable about kratom withdrawal and very understanding. About an hour later I had the bridge device on my ear and my withdrawals were slowly going away. Not knowing what to expect the next few days, I didn’t plan much. Dr. George just as quickly as seeing me had all my final papers filled out so I could have a week off work to recover. By my surprise the next day i felt 90% better.

The bridge device works. I was out doing yard work, fishing and hanging out with friends. I have tried quitting the Kratom before and could barely get out of bed. Not this time. Sleep was still hard to come by but I still felt better than any other experience with withdrawal. A week later the bridge device was taking off and I had the Naltrexone pellet put in me and I was finally free of the Kratom. The worst of the withdrawals were past me and I did not have to experience most of them. If you feel trapped like I did go see Dr. George . The staff is amazing and Dr. George was committed to seeing my recovery through.

Aside from the compassionate, professional staff it was the medical approach and thoroughness of Dr George at All Opiates Detox that finally helped me get clean. He knows what he is doing and has a personal kindness that other facilities lack. I have been to so-called “acclaimed” detox facilities in California and Arizona and spent tens of thousands only to relapse. 8 months ago All Opiates was recommended to me by someone and they proved to be the solution. I have been clean since. No withdrawal and no sickness.

Thank you Dr George!

A doctor was writing me a certain prescription for 6 years and I became heavily dependent. This doctor had a stroke and left me to fend for myself. I decided I didn’t want to be a slave to big pharma anymore, and that’s when I found Doctor George. I called the hotline around 11 pm and went to his office the next morning.

I am 7 weeks removed from the rapid detox under sedation procedure, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

If you are serious about getting clean this procedure will work for you without a doubt. I followed the doctors instructions to a T, which I highly recommend as I apparently handled the procedure very well.

On top of a successful procedure, I did not feel judged in the slightest by Dr. George or any member of his great staff. I believe they truly care for each person that comes through their door, no matter the reason, and I will always respect that. Thank you all for helping me through the process and continued support. Every time I’ve tried to get ahold of Dr. George since the procedure, he responds almost immediately. Pure professionalism.

Great life changing place will change your life.

If your struggling with heroin, opiates even Suboxone, this is the place to go! Two years ago Dr George preformed the Rapid Detox Procedure and I’m proud to say I’ve been heroin free since. Dr. George and his team are truly life saving. The procedure is life changing you honestly don’t care anything after it’s done and you get a new chance at life.

This week I brought my brother in law down here to have the detox done. Kody is an extremely anxious person and the level of care he received from the nurses and Dr.George is honestly a blessing. They were able to keep him calm and understood his anxiety perfectly, Today we leave Michigan with my brother in law sober and back to himself.

Thanks again Dr George and staff. I hope anyone struggling with this devil drug takes this opportunity.

I had the rapid detox done by Dr. Joseph George, I abused substances for 20 years and with the miracles of Dr. George I’ve been opiate free for 15 months!!

I can’t say enough about Dr. George and his awesome staff. Dr. George has saved my sons life! This has given him back his life after 20 years of being an active drug addict. He had gone thru 15 rehabs, nothing ever stuck. This detox has taken away all the cravings from his head and to his body. He was the 1st one who didn’t believe it would work, said it was a waste of money. The morning I went to pick him up, he was standing by the door waiting for me. He had a huge, peaceful smile on his face. So relaxed and he just kept nodding his head and smiling.

God Bless Dr. George and his staff.

Dr . George is warm, caring and deeply committed to his profession and the health and happiness of his patients and their families. He is a rare gem among physicians and I can’t recommend his practice more highly!

I personally went through the rapid detox procedure and received the Naloxone implant and then follow-ups for the Vivitrol shot. This was after over a year trying to get sober from opiates. I was in and out of 4 inpatient rehabs and various outpatient programs and was unable to put together more than a few weeks of sobriety. After the procedure and sticking with the Naloxone therapy I am now happy to say I have been opioid-free for going on 3 months.

I am extremely grateful for Dr. George and his staff. The Dr.’s knowledge, compassion and follow-through is like nothing I have experienced in the world of treatment.


Amazing program got cleaned in matter of weeks worked great on me. Love dealing with helpful staff who helped every step of the way , all issues with insurance medications etc.

Beats dealing with Suboxone I was on for 10 years .

Thank you doctor Gorge I Love being finally off any medicine and opiate free.

Absolutely amazing. Saved my life.

While looking for a place that could help me go through detox, the options were limited due to changes in the law and health care. Medicinal assistance was almost impossible if you cant see psychiatric help and referral. Which is booked months out. I found this option online. I chose an ear “bridge” that blocked all withdrawal symptoms. Which were acute to say the least. Dr George shows compassion, urgency and understanding of every individual case. He can help with the mental side of recovery and his follow up care is spectacular. Fast visits, no long waits and even squeezed me in the next day when his schedule was a week out. I tried dozens of places before i found Dr. George. They were all nearly impossible. It was worth every penny. I cant imagine where i would be if i hadn’t found him. I can text him any time and he will always help. He makes the recovery process as easy as i could imagine it would be. He saved my life. I know this. I would not send anyone anywhere else. Without a doubt. In 5 days I was completely free without a severe symptom. It was exactly what one completely dependent on opiates needs.

If you have a loved one that struggles in and out of addiction, it is usually due to the fear or being literally terrified of withdrawal.

Most places take some of the severity of symptoms with a Suboxone or two a day for a few days. Trust me when i say that does not prevent the urge at the most important time in recovery. This detox literally made the process completely free of the craving and the symptoms. If you want to be free or want your loved ones to be free, DR GEORGE will be the choice you want to make. Take it from a truly lost person that believed the health im in now, was impossible. Take the time to understand your options. If you wanna get clean once and for all, this is the investment to make.

What makes AllOpiatesDetox special, is the wonderful, supporting staff. My rapid detox was done to my expectation. This detox works. I highly recommend AllOpiatesDetox.

As a parent of a child that has suffered from addiction I can say first hand that it can be very heartbreaking and leave you with a feeling of helplessness.

My son that served our country for 5 years came home from his 2 tours of duty a changed young man.

Unfortunately, the form of treatment for PTSD and back and knee injury was prescribing Percocet. The battle that my son faced after returning home became a much harder battle than what he had ever faced before. His pain and suffering became all of our (his family) pain and suffering. I remember wondering every day whether or not I was going to receive a phone call from across the United states where he lived telling me that my son was gone. We knew that giving up on him was not an option. He had always been a responsible and a wonderful loving son but drugs just changed him into someone we didn’t recognize. We never stopped loving him because we knew his heart and could see how desperately he wanted help. That’s when I started researching the internet to find help for him.

I can say today that I am so Grateful for finding Dr. George and his rapid detox clinic…All Opiates Detox! His amazing compassion and dedication in fighting this horrific epidemic that so many people from every walk of life face today is commendable to say the least.

Our son as well as myself and my husband were all treated with the utmost respect. Dr. George is always available to take your call when ever you need him no matter what time of day or night it is. I am so pleased that our son is doing Great and getting back the life that he had lost for so long! I highly recommend All Opiates Detox and Dr. George and his wonderful staff to anyone suffering from addiction. The results are amazing!

We are so thankful everyday for Dr. George!

Best doctor,
I was in a bad place in my life till I found Dr G.
Almost a year clean and never going back.

Hey doc thank you for doing this for me u guys took good care of me thanks a lot.

That’s wonderful to read. I’m so ready to see you Doc and I’m so so so glad God pulled you into my dreams, my comfort and chemistry with you was top notch at our first communication.

I just wanted to thank you again. I haven’t felt this good in years.

So thank you and have a great holiday.

Still sober off opiates, thank u once again for ur loyalty and support. I never met a Dr that’s so loyal to his patients. I will try and visit u this summer. u saved my life.

Thank you so much Dr. George your the best doctor I’ve ever met!  Also, I am feeling much better after taking my medications you prescribed. I waited too long to take it. I am back to work feeling much better.

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