All Opiates Detox recognizes that fast, painless detoxification is the first step in recovery from opiate dependency.

All Opiate Detox is the nation’s only rapid opiate detox center that includes unlimited aftercare and support by our treating Medical Doctors. Following completion of our All Opiates Detox treatment, the patient is advised to continue the Naltrexone opiate blocker, and seek professional psychological support and rehabilitation.

Patients should be assessed on an individual basis to determine which type of aftercare treatment best fits their needs and life-style. There are various continuing care options:

  • Individual counseling/Therapy (CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or psychiatrist)
  • Group Therapy
  • Meetings (AA or NA) and 12-step
  • Outpatient/Inpatient Rehab Treatments

Our rapid opioid detox under sedation has shown to provide successful outcomes, much higher than conventional rehabs.

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Joseph A. George, MD, FASAM - Rapid Detox Expert - Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine. Painless Withdrawal - Rapid detox,is the first step in recovery

Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine

Joseph A. George, MD, FASAM

Dr. George obtained ECFMG board certification and completed the board of medical examiners in 1982. He completed preliminary general surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1985. He has been in private practice and affiliated with Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for 30 years. In addition to internal medicine, Dr. George has vast experience in Emergency medicine and critical care. He gained an interest in addiction medicine in 2006 and has been performing rapid detox of opiates under sedation since 2008. He has improved the treatment of opiate detoxification under sedation by implementing pre-detox protocols and using the least invasive measures for patient safety. Dr. George has been board certified in addiction medicine since 2012. He is a member of ASAM and MiSAM. He is also a member of the advisory board for the downriver chapter of FAN and the head of the wellness committee at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

about painless withdrawl. Jibran Attiq, MD - Rapid Detox Sedation Expert - Board-Certified Anesthesiologist. Painless Withdrawal - Rapid detox,is the first step in recovery

Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

Jibran Attiq, MD

Dr. Attiq is board-certified in anesthesiology and has been a member of the ABA (American Board of Anesthesiology) since 2001. He is an attending at McLaren Oakland Hospital where he administers anesthesia to patients undergoing various surgical procedures since 2001. Dr. Attiq also teaches at Michigan State University (MSU). Dr. Attiq has performed Rapid Detox Under Sedation since 2008.

What Our Patients Say…

  • Dr. George is a true Earth Angel. I am beyond grateful for finding his practice. I was trapped on suboxone for years.. I watched my brother try to come off of it and he relapsed and passed away. After that I put myself in inpatient to come off of it. I went through a year of hell and not feeling well. I was off of it for 2.5 yrs. After having my daughter, pregnancy has damaged more bones on previous back injuries and they wanted to put me on pain medication. Knowing I couldn't take narcotics I found myself back on suboxone for 4yrs. It was a prison. I believe suboxone caused depression and all around was doing more harm then good.. but now I am a working Mother. I couldn't take a year off to recover from this hellish medication.. I found Dr. George and although I had lots of fear.. It's been 3weeks and it still hits me every morning I am no longer slave to suboxone. It's a miracle. I couldn't of done it without Dr. George and all of his amazing staff. I am forever grateful for giving me my freedom back. I hope other people who were in my shoes know there is a way out.. and your story can help others.

    thumb Audrey Wyrzykowski
  • It was a very good experience. The staff is professional, highly knowledgeable and very accessible. Doctor George is very well versed in helping treat opiate addiction. I did the rapid detox followed by the implant 2 weeks ago and today I have no cravings.

    thumb Nicholas Stocker
  • Aside from the compassionate, professional staff it was the medical approach and thoroughness of Dr George at All Opiates Detox that finally helped me get clean. He knows what he is doing and has a personal kindness that other facilities lack. I have been to so-called “acclaimed” detox facilities in California and Arizona and spent tens of thousands only to relapse. 8 months ago All Opiates was recommended to me by someone and they proved to be the solution. I have been clean since. No withdrawal and no sickness. Thank you Dr George!

    thumb John McIntyre
  • I Recommend this place. Doctor George and the staff clearly saved my life. If you have any questions or are in doubt about this place feel feel free to ask about me and I would be more than happy to help another.

    thumb Agim Fejza
  • This was the best thing I did in my life. Everyone was pleasant and my Dr. Saved my life. Thank you to the awesome staff.

    thumb Agim Fejza

Opioid Addiction and Opiate Dependency are serious matters.
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