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All Opiates Detox is the nation’s only rapid drug detox facility with Board-Certified Medical Doctors, who have over 25 years combined experience in the field of opiate addiction. Our All Opiates Detox under sedation for opiates method is a 2 step process: Detox the patient and then administer Naltrexone to block the opiate receptor to prevent relapse. All Opiates Detox has specifically designed for each drug dependency. Click on the opiate from the list below to learn more about their specific treatments. All programs are ultra-fast rapid detox treatments.

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Rapid Opiate Detox

All Opiates Detox offers a safe, humane and effective Rapid Detox Treatment Programs for patients wanting to be totally opiate-free.

Rapid Opiate Detox under sedation detoxifies the body of active opiates under the medical care of highly experienced and qualified – board certified Medical Doctors.

Improper use and abuse of opiates can lead to dependence, tolerance, and addiction.

Opiates can be habit forming, causing not only physical, but also psychological dependence. Withdrawals may occur if the dose of the opiates is reduced or discontinued after long term use.

Using opiates for an extended period of time can lead to tolerance, where the user needs to increase the dosage of their opiates to achieve the desired effect, whether the desired effect is pain control or euphoria.

Once the patient develops a tolerance, it becomes even more difficult to stop using due to the withdrawals. Symptoms of withdrawals are an indication of physical dependence and addiction to the opiate. Most patients describe withdrawals as the worst, most frightening experience one will ever encounter. One can only imagine the excruciating pain when the opiate user says that they’d rather die than go through the withdrawals. Physical dependence symptoms, such as withdrawals, lead to psychological dependence. That is when addiction takes over the mind and life of the opiate user.

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