Various Forms of Naltrexone

Naltrexone is marketed as an injection, a pellet for implant, and tablets for oral use. The injection lasts approximately 28 days. We recommend the pellet for several reasons:

  • The pellet lasts for 2 months (longer than the injection and tablets).

  • If there are side effects from the Naltrexone, the implanted pellet can be removed, whereas the injectable cannot be reversed once it is injected into the body.

We do not recommend the tablet form since it needs to be taken every day. Compliance becomes an issue with daily Naltrexone dosing, putting patients at a higher risk of relapse.

Dr. George has been successfully implanting the Naltrexone pellet since 2008. The implant does not need to be removed as it dissolves gradually on its own over a period of approximately two months. It is recommended to get additional Naltrexone pellet implants every two months, or the monthly injection.

The injectable form of Naltrexone is Vivitrol and is covered by most insurances. The Vivitrol website will show you which providers are available in your area. We emphasize using Naltrexone maintenance therapy after the implant dissolves by continuing with Vivitrol injections or getting additional pellet implants. Naltrexone is the answer for patients that want to be free of opiates.